Get the whole picture of your mental health

The InnoWell Platform is a digital tool that empowers everyone to monitor and improve their mental health with the support of their health professionals.

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InnoWell Mental Health

Empowering partnerships between health professionals and their clients

We’ve developed the InnoWell Platform to help people get the right care at the right time. Our technology allows the efficient allocation of resources, measures service effectiveness and streamlines workflows.

Our story so far

InnoWell is a welcome addition to supporting Open Arms clients and Contract Clinicians to engage in a collaborative and transparent assessment prior to or during the counselling process. The capacity to effectively map out the health and wellbeing territory is consistent with both the Veteran mindset as well as ensuring a therapeutic process informed by evidence based management.

Barry Zworestine, Open Arms Contract Psychologist, Combat Veteran and Author

At headspace Edinburgh North we have found the Innowell platform to be a crucial first step in assessing young people’s needs up front at the point of entry into our service to ensure they get the most appropriate level of care at the right time.

Steven Wright, Youth Mental Health Services Manager headspace Edinburgh North

The Board and Executive at Central Adelaide Local Health Network recognise the potential role of digital integrated platforms for transforming mental health care. We also recognise that to meet demand we must both shape demand and match demand to capacity. Innowell’s Synergy platform is considered to be the most sophisticated digital platform available.

John Mendoza , Director ConNetica

The Innowell Platform

How we can help you

How we help you? Individuals Clinicians Enterprise
1 Accessible from anywhere at any time InnoWell Tick InnoWell Tick InnoWell Tick
2 Personalised Dashboard and care options that are right for you InnoWell Tick
3 Track and monitor progress over time InnoWell Tick InnoWell Tick InnoWell Tick
4 Reduce waiting and assessment times InnoWell Tick InnoWell Tick InnoWell Tick
5 Allocate resources better and streamline service delivery with real time data InnoWell Tick
6 Online clinical tool with TGA registration, that is configurable to your needs InnoWell Tick InnoWell Tick
7 Safe and secure infrastructure that puts your privacy first InnoWell Tick InnoWell Tick InnoWell Tick
8 Multi dimensional assessment with open channel between health professionals and their clients InnoWell Tick InnoWell Tick InnoWell Tick

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TGA Registration

The InnoWell Platform is registered as a Class 1 Software as a Medical Device (SaaMD) with the Therapeutic Goods Association (TGA). Regulated by the TGA, means we comply with the highest business standards ensuring your information is in safe hands.

Privacy + Security

We take privacy and security seriously. We have dedicated experts in cyber security, data governance, and privacy, who implement the strictest controls and methods, using the latest and safest tools, to protect your personal and business information.