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Healthy minds, healthy workplaces

Research-based and people-centric, Innowell provides real-time metrics that give actionable insights into your company’s mental health posture and its people’s needs.

The BIG problem (that we're working to fix)

1 in every 2 Australians will suffer from ill mental health at some stage in their life, and in a 12-month period 21% of Australians will take time off work due to stress, anxiety, depression, or ill mental health.

The estimated economic cost of this problem is $500 million a day, and those figures double when counting indirect costs – loss of productivity, absenteeism, turnover of staff, and its impact on co-workers. When research reveals 91% of workers believe mental health in the workplace is important but only 52% believing their workplace is mentally healthy, we know something needs to be fixed.

Mental health support is no longer a secondary perk. It is a leadership strategy.

Your Innowell Solution

  • Science-backed tools and pathways that focus on reflection, self-management, and reshaping behaviour loops.

  • Growing a 'mental health first' workplace culture that doesn’t just improve quality-of-life for employees but works proactively to strengthen community wellbeing and happiness.

  • Proactive, not reactive, tools that support all areas of employee wellbeing, through seven domains of mental health.

  • Lead a mental health first culture and help your people unlock better self-care, with Innowell.

A relationship with your employers should mean better mental health – not burnout and anxiety.

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Insight Focused

Real-time, configurable analysis and deep analytics that give you control over meaningful, actionable reporting.

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People Centric

Tools backed by real science and pathways tailored to individual needs.

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We never share data unless you want us to.

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Science Backed

More than 10 years of research and over a dozen research trials.

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