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Built for patients, practitioners, and administrators, Innowell empowers your personalised clinical care with accelerated assessment and triage, real-time risk monitoring, and individual patient care plans.

The BIG problem (that we're working to fix)

Every year 1-in-3 Australians will need clinical mental health support, and the average wait time to see a qualified mental health professional is over 14 months. The sad news? Only half that number will get it, and when they do it’s unlikely the first specialist they meet will be the right one for their care needs.

Mental health care is an increasingly critical issue, not just for those who suffer but for the increasingly overloaded administrators and clinicians trying to help. The current system and tools in-place to properly analyse, triage, and intake those suffering from poor mental health are often not sufficient.

Your Solution

  • Facilitate early intervention and reduce risk of hospital readmissions with accelerated risk assessment, triage, and intake.

  • Optimise care with stepped and staged models endorsed by the Brain & Mind Centre at the University of Sydney.

  • Increase engagement with care plans between consultations with shared plans of care and clinically validated assessments available remotely.

  • Manage workflows with patient lists containing result, risks, activity and clinically validated instrument overviews.

I get to worry less about how to manage my patients and focus more on providing them the support they need.

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Data Driven

Real-time, configurable analysis and deep analytics that give you control over meaningful, actionable reporting.

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Person Centric

Engage patients with remote 24-7 access between consultations to clinically validated instruments.

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Integrated with full circle-of-care enhancing shared care plans with other practitioners.

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Research Lead

Close collaboration with BMC provides innovative features and ongoing research-based enhancements.

The Clinical Platform

Clinical Instruments
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