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Sue Muller

Head of lived EXPERIENCE advisory function

Sue integrates her distinctive combination of professional business experiences and personal capabilities based on life and international perspectives. Her collective skills, united with a long standing passion for improving peoples' mental health and wellbeing, a desire for people to know the benefits of wellness, personal growth, and self-development inspired her to create Smile Chickie.

Smile Chickie is a vibrant, thriving online community.  Designed with women in mind, it delivers products and services to support, inspire and encourage people to take simple yet practical, determined steps towards their own brand of personal freedom.

Along with her own business endeavours, Sue has been working in mental health and wellbeing for over a decade, in management, leadership, advocacy and advisory roles - at local services, state bodies and national consultancies. 

Sue is passionate about facilitating the efficient, transparent and strategic engagement of the lived experience community into the activities of InnoWell.