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About Our Platform



The InnoWell Platform technology-enabled system that is designed to respond to the unique needs of the users.  

It is InnoWell’s first digital solution. It does not deliver services itself or compete with existing service providers. Rather, it enables partners to enhance their own service quality, link with (rather than compete with) other complementary service providers, track real-time health and social outcomes and bring integrated, high quality and personalised service offerings to the person seeking care. This allows health services to better meet the needs of the user, by providing access to support outside of traditional opening times and offering a clinical response based on need and not on position in a queue.

Individuals will have their own unique profile and clinical assessment dashboard through which they can manage their own health plan, in collaboration with their health professional and/or service provider. Health professionals and/or services can also add important information to the individual’s profile – relevant health information they gain from consultations with the user, or from analysing the individual’s dashboard. The collaboration of the individual, health professional and/or service provider gives the user a detailed, holistic view of their mental health, which they can view, manage and update through their profile and dashboard. 


How is our platform different?

Our Platform can be operated through a range of technological devices and accessed by an individual at any time or any place, providing them with access to immediate self-report clinical assessment and real-time results when they need them.

For the individual:

  • They will be treated as an equal partner in the management of their health plan

  • They will have access to all information that directly concerns them

  • Transparency is a key element

  • Information will be presented in plain language to individuals, with no jargon, technical words or ‘medical speak’

  • Individuals will be provided with information so they can self-manage their health plan

  • Health care decisions that involve an individual and a health professional/ service provider will be made collaboratively, considering both the needs and preferences of the individual

  • The platform minimises variability in care provision between health professionals and service providers by using evidence-based research and data

  • The platform minimises waste of all users by providing access to information and support, and avoiding the need to wait or travel to service providers

For the health professional:
Our Platform allows health professionals to view and explore an individual’s current state of mental health in advance of their first session. This may facilitate the choice of health professional for the particular problem (tailoring and triaging) and may reduce the number of assessment sessions required to achieve a successful outcome with the individual. The consultation session can also be delivered real-time via an in-built HIPAA compliant solution (i.e. our ‘video visit’).

For the health service provider:
Our Platform is custom-branded and fully configured via a comprehensive content management system that enables service staff and health professionals to deliver care more efficiently.

For policy makers and funders:
Our Platform allows for the capture of highly-structured health data across all types of individuals, health professionals and service providers.