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About Our Platform



The mental health system in Australia has not been delivering the best outcomes because a lack of resources, barriers to access and episodic care are leading to under-treatment or over-treatment. With our growing understanding of mental health, we know that having a better holistic understanding of the individual, as well as adequate support for clinicians and services providers, can ensure the right resources are efficiently and effectively allocated to where they’re needed. This is a conversation InnoWell is leading. Our Platform empowers the individual to collaboratively manage their health plan with their clinician, minimises variability in care provision between health professionals and service providers by using evidence-based research and data, and uses innovative technologies to overcome the traditional barriers of geographical location and time.

How does the InnoWell Platform support the individual, clinicians and service providers?

InnoWell offers individuals more confidence in being able to get the right care at the right time, by putting them at the centre of their care, building trust, better coordination and access.

InnoWell makes it possible for clinicians to collaborate better with individuals in their care and other specialists to improve outcomes through data and digital access to patients and clinicians.

Service provider
InnoWell is transforming the mental health system from a broad model of care to person-centred care. This approach supports the individual in building their own capacity, allows the service to efficiently allocate resources and uses research, data and digital access to drive effective outcomes across the sector.

How does the PLATFORM work?

Individuals will have their own unique profile and clinical assessment dashboard through which they can manage their own health plan, in collaboration with their clinician. Clinicians can also add important information to the individual’s profile – relevant health information they gain from consultations with the user, or from analysing the individual’s dashboard. The collaboration of the individual and clinician gives the user a detailed, holistic view of their mental health, which they can monitor, manage and update through their profile and dashboard.