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  • InnoWell for Clinicians
InnoWell for Clinicians

Your partner to high quality service delivery

A clinical coordination tool that helps you provide person centred care based on tailored health domains, biometrics and outcome reporting. Get the whole picture with multidimensional data, that drives collaborative care through shared decision making.

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Partners in care

Individuals know their goals and should be empowered to achieve them. The Platform facilitates shared decision making to match mental health goals with the most effective treatment. Watch our video to see about how the Platform benefits health professionals.

We work with health professionals to coordinate better quality service delivery

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InnoWell is a welcome addition to supporting Open Arms clients and Contract Clinicians to engage in a collaborative and transparent assessment prior to or during the counselling process. The capacity to effectively map out the health and wellbeing territory is consistent with both the Veteran mindset as well as ensuring a therapeutic process informed by evidence based management.

Barry Zworestine, Open Arms Contract Psychologist, Combat Veteran and Author

The InnoWell Platform provides an evidence-based self-assessment that stimulates collaboration and patient-centred care, where the individual can “have a say” in the areas of their life that needs addressing without getting distracted with issues that are not key to them. It also allows a level playing ground where such collaboration promotes independence, empowerment and therapeutic engagement.

James , Mental Health Nurse

The Board and Executive at Central Adelaide Local Health Network recognise the potential role of digital integrated platforms for transforming mental health care. We also recognise that to meet demand we must both shape demand and match demand to capacity. Innowell’s Synergy platform is considered to be the most sophisticated digital platform available.

John Mendoza , Director ConNetica

“I’ve used the video visit a few times now and it worked wonders. One patient stated she felt more at ease and found the contact therapeutic. She was less anxious and was able to engage better with me. The InnoWell Platform facilitated better and safer engagement (in light of COVID-19); and as a clinician, I was able to access the patient’s dashboards while still seeing them face-to-face.”

Julius Ajayi, Mental Health Nurse

How it works

Mental health and wellbeing is multifaceted and requires a collaborative approach that enables health professionals to provide the right care at the right time.

The InnoWell Platform is an online clinical tool that helps you work together with your client, to get the whole picture and the right care options for them.

It does this by asking questions across a number of health domains and capturing information in real time. You can access this information on the easy to view Dashboard. This enables you to reduce assessment times and maximise your time with your client, focusing on what matters most to them.

InnoWell facilitates better clinical coordination and service delivery by reducing waiting and assessment times.

Tailored care options

The Platform brings together the needs of the individual and the expertise of the clinician to offer a variety of suitable care options.

Quality assured apps and etools can also be accessed by the individual directly without needing to visit the service.

There is also the option to request a meeting with the clinician, this open channel drives a collaborative approach to treatment.

InnoWell for Clinicians

Stay up to date

The Platform works in real time, helping health professionals stay up to date on the changing health needs of their clients.

Whether preparing for a face to face session, checking in, or updating a care plan, you can get a snapshot of the individuals current health status without waiting for them to visit the service.

Data driven decisions

Health is multifaceted and effective treatment needs a collaborative and agile approach.

Health professionals can routinely monitor the overall progress and outcomes of their work through real time data and powerful insights.

This allows health professionals to adapt their approach to the current health needs of their clients.


How can I start using InnoWell in my service?2020-01-16T02:15:36+10:00

If you are interested in the use of InnoWell in your service please contact us through the form below and our Customer Success Manager will be in touch to discuss.

How does the Dashboard inform care?2020-01-16T02:14:48+10:00

The health service will engage with a person’s dashboard as part of a holistic approach to care. The combination of psychometric data and health information informs and guides ongoing care and treatment options, providing opportunities to assess and monitor a person’s progress.

What is the Dashboard and how does it work?2020-01-16T02:13:09+10:00

The Dashboard holds a person’s health and wellbeing story. It includes their Profile, Health History and Health Card data.

It can be updated anytime to reflect how a person is currently feeling and functioning, helping to track needs, coordinate care and identify health and wellbeing goals.

How does InnoWell support ongoing care?2020-01-16T02:09:43+10:00

InnoWell is an interactive clinical tool that brings individuals, their health data and health professionals together in one place.

InnoWell works with a health service, using an initial health assessment which populates an individual’s dashboard.

This provides clinicians with up to date client results and health information which forms the basis of treatment.

Information is updated regularly to inform ongoing care, track progress, engage with care options and assure treatment is helping the person reach their wellness goals.

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