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InnoWell for Enterprise

Get the whole picture and make better business decisions

The InnoWell Platform is an online clinical tool that uses real time data to help you better coordinate and streamline care. By using rich data you can improve your quality and efficiency while empowering your clients to take charge of their mental health and wellbeing.

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Why does InnoWell exist?

We seek to improve mental health outcomes globally and empower you to work collaboratively with your customers.

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How we can help you

The InnoWell Platform helps service providers, insurance companies, government agencies and other organisations improve cost efficiencies and create better care for your customers.

The benefits

This is how we help our partners drive business improvements to their model of care and workflows

Domain What are the business improvements

Operational efficiency

  • Reduce assessment times with digital initial self-assessment (up to 40 minutes).
  • Evidence based, recovery oriented and cost effective treatment options tailored to each client.
  • Activity and outcome monitoring enhances quality improvement and efficiency.
  • Promotes transparency and visibility of service quality and provides real time insights to help service providers allocate resources better.
  • Organisational support in clinical redesign, service development, implementation and change management to help transform your business.

Care outcomes

  • 53% of platform users access self-treatment plans to supplement clinical care.
  • 20% of users received rapid support made possible by the reporting functionality which notified clinical staff when escalations are needed.
  • The Platform offers continuous and coordinated care that meets the needs of individuals across the recovery journey.
  • Outcome assessments support comprehensive, person centered care.

Reduced compliance costs

  • Standardised outcome monitoring that enables quality assessment of treatment options.
  • Acts as a centralised electronic repository for consistently recording activity and patient data.
  • Offers a clear audit trail which can assist health insurers with benefits claims.
  • Safe and secure infrastructure that complies with the highest privacy and security standards.

Redesign your service model

Transform your business and achieve your goals by adopting a digital model that puts the individual at the center. Your customers can access the Platform anywhere at any time and benefit from tailored apps, etools and care options. It replaces the initial assessment conducted by your staff (up to 2.5hrs) with a digital self-assessment (up to 40mins).

Dynamic metrics and analytics

Get the full picture of service metrics to inform your business. The InnoWell Platform shows real-time data on service strengths and areas for improvement, as well as aggregated data on health domains and treatment outcomes to promote data driven decision making and programmatic evaluation.

Coordinate better care

Use the shared Dashboard view to get a snapshot of the individual’s mental health and wellbeing before their appointment, and optimise your time with your clients. Receive instant notifications that help with rapid response and triage of urgent cases. Using the Platform helps you use resources more effectively to deliver targeted care options.

Monitor and track progress

Mental health and wellbeing evolves with the individual. The Platform gives you visibility over the individual’s needs, progress and preferences overtime drives better monitoring which leads to better outcomes.

InnoWell for business

Streamline your workflow

Monitor service data, intake acuity and numbers, and clinician workloads to create a streamlined service operation. Manage the allocation of clinicians to match expertise to individual needs and to promote multidisciplinary clinical care.

Better outcomes for services and communities

With the Insights function, services can gather evidence on local community needs and on the effectiveness of their programs. Using this evidence, services can build their organisational reputation and seek support for funding to deliver the right programs.


How does InnoWell integrate into my service?2020-01-16T02:21:22+10:00

Our experienced Implementation team works with our clients to scope and integrate the solution into a service.

Due to the variation in complexity of services a scoping session with our Customer Success Manager is recommended to identify and align an Implementation framework to your service.

What are the associated fees and costs?2020-01-16T02:21:02+10:00

We are happy to work with you to create a solution most suited to your organisational need.

Please contact our team below with your requirements and our Customer Success Manager will contact you to discuss

How can the InnoWell Platform benefit your service?2020-01-16T02:20:34+10:00

Easily benchmark performance against your current capabilities and develop objectives aligned to your organisational strategy.

InnoWell is configured to your organisational goals, ensuring you receive the right input and real-time data to manage health care needs. Supports putting individuals at the centre of their care while improving coordination and allocation of services.

Our team of experts will provide advice to support implementation, ensuring consistency of care and outcomes.

How does InnoWell support ongoing care?2020-01-16T02:16:37+10:00

InnoWell is an interactive clinical tool that brings individuals, their health data and health professionals together in one place.

InnoWell works with a health service, using an initial health assessment which populates an individual’s dashboard.

This provides clinicians with up to date client results and health information which forms the basis of treatment.

Information is updated regularly to inform ongoing care, track progress, engage with care options and assure treatment is helping the person reach their wellness goals.

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