Each year, almost four million Australians experience mental health issues – that’s one in five of us.

What’s worse is that only half of this number receive help in the form of mental health treatment. It’s not uncommon to have to wait weeks or even months to see a mental health professional.

This is why PwC has collaborated with the University of Sydney to create InnoWell, an innovative joint venture that aims to use technology to help health professionals, service providers and organisations passionate about improving mental health to better connect with and monitor the people that use their services.

The Platform

The venture has created the InnoWell Platform, which provides health professionals and service providers services with an online clinical tool to better understand where the person using their service is at and track their progress. It provides crucial information they can use to triage patients, ensuring those with the most immediate need are seen first. It also allows them to monitor the effectiveness of treatments and programs to aid their decision making for the future.

Our mission

InnoWell brings together research, commercial insights, digital innovation, and people with lived experience to create the foundation for a better mental health system. InnoWell aims to overcome the traditional barriers to quality healthcare access by using digital technologies.

Through a series of research trials, known as Project Synergy, InnoWell is rigorously testing these technologies with real people and service providers. These trials are well progressed and the InnoWell Platform has already received TGA registration.