Global, 21st century digital solutions for mental health and wellbeing

InnoWell delivers digital health solutions to promote mental fitness and ensure that people receive the right care at the right time.

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InnoWell is a joint venture between The University of Sydney and PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) which aims to transform mental health care in Australia and around the world. Through research and development, we seek to redesign health systems to better meet the holistic needs of people across the lifespan. InnoWell delivers digital health solutions to promote mental fitness and ensure that people receive the right care at the right time. We do this by using innovative co-design methodologies that engage all members of the community to integrate lived experience, the health sector, research evidence and product design knowledge into our digital solutions.

InnoWell received funding from the Australian Government under the Digital Mental Health Program for Project Synergy to enable it to further develop and enhance the Synergy Online System through a series of service implementation trials. Project Synergy brings together lived experience, clinicians, professionals, industry, technological and academic expertise to deliver continuous and iterative health services research and product development. InnoWell’s market offering ranges from wellbeing through to access to clinical care.

The technology-enabled platform is called the Synergy Online System.  The technology platform that represents the digital element of the reform is not one static platform of digital tools nor is Project Synergy just a technology project. Project Synergy is a series of service implementation trials in which the technology and content is customised and adapted to meet specific population needs, and incorporates the learnings from each trial to ensure continuous improvement.

A new way to mental fitness

In any given year, approximately 20% of the Australian adult population will experience a mental health issue and 45% of people can expect to experience a mental illness in their lifetime. Many more people experience undiagnosed mental health issues and the rate of mental health problems in young people is dramatically increasing.

The provision of mental health services, ranging from wellness programs through to clinical care, is fragmented in Australia as resources, funding, geography and other barriers can hinder access to services.

InnoWell is looking to change this.

Current research indicates that people want to manage their own mental health and need help to navigate the mental health treatments that might be right for them, as the current amount of options are vast and overwhelming.

InnoWell aims to become a key mental health eplatform provider in Australia; the first point of contact for mental health support where individuals will be assessed in real time and directed to tailored care.

Drawing on the real life experiences of our Lived Experience Advisory Board, evidence-based research and development that is driven by The University of Sydney’s Brain and Mind Centre, and PwC’s expertise in strategy and consulting, InnoWell is a company at the intersection of health, lived experience, clinical transformation, research and development, technology and industry.

InnoWell is not a service provider. Rather we collaborate with health service providers to co-design digital solutions that enable face-to-face and online service providers to improve their offerings for better outcomes – for individuals to build mental fitness, nurture resilience and increase productivity and connectedness.

InnoWell wants to make mental health services readily accessible to all Australians no matter when or where they're needed, aiming to bring technology-enabled resources into mental health services, workplaces, insurers, schools and universities.