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Transforming the mental health system through person-centred care.

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InnoWell brings together the best of many worlds; internationally renowned research from The University of Sydney, astute commercial insights and market knowledge from PwC, digital innovations from some of Australia’s top tech leaders, and the diverse perspectives of people with a lived experience of mental ill health. Together, these elements create the foundation for what is InnoWell; a compassionate team of visionaries and change drivers who want to make the mental health system better for all.

The InnoWell team is led by Co-CEOs, Ayse Burke and Will Fellowes, with the support of a Board of Directors.

InnoWell received funding from the Australian government under the Digital Mental Health Program for Project Synergy. Project Synergy is a series of research trials being conducted by InnoWell. In these trials, the InnoWell Platform will be embedded within a number of Australian mental health services and offered to people presenting to those services as part of standard clinical care and practice. The trials aim to measure the use and impact of the Platform on individual outcomes; the results of which will help InnoWell to ensure the Platform is robust, flexible and meeting service, clinician and individual goals.

InnoWell uses a unique co-design process, where we engage the expertise and experience of our Lived Experience Advisory Function (LEAF). The LEAF is a group of diverse people with lived experience of mental health who work together to identify current and emerging issues while sharing, advice, guidance and recommendations from their lived experience perspective to help build digital products that improve and reform mental health care.

Members of the LEAF represent key cohorts in the lived experience community and act as a bridge between InnoWell and the broader community, maximising opportunities for collaboration and reform.