InnoWell new product features

June 2020: Latest updates to the InnoWell Platform

At InnoWell, we regularly upload new features, enhanced functionality and UX tweaks to help ensure the Platform continues to provide individuals and health professionals with the support they need.

This page will be continually updated as new enhancements are added throughout June.

1. Clinicians can now download EMR Reports

InnoWell has partnered with Healthlink to meet your eMR requirements.

Healthlink is the leading healthcare system integrator in Australasia, sending more than 80 million clinical messages annually between approximately 30,000 healthcare practitioners.

A clinician now has the ability to download an Individual’s eMR document from their dashboard.

EMR download InnoWell

The eMR report is a document that is regularly updated by InnoWell and will reflect all the health data on the individual’s dashboard.

A PDF can also be generated by clinicians.

The report outlines an individual’s details including demographics, health history questions and each health domain current results with an explanation of the result. If configured the report will also display the raw scores and range.

Finally, if the service has eMR integration with InnoWell the same report will also be sent via Healthlink automatically.

EMR download InnoWell

2. Navigate to the Home screen faster

A small but handy update. To return Home at any point, simply click on the InnoWell logo in the top left of your screen. This will automatically navigate you back to the InnoWell homepage.

InnoWell home screen

To find out more head to the InnoWell elearning platform. Further updates to the Platform will be announced here.

In the meantime if you have an idea or suggestion for a feature you’d like to see, please contact us and a member of our Customer Success Team will be in touch.