InnoWell video function

Introducing InnoWell’s face-to-face digital care solution

Health professionals can continue to tailor care for clients using the InnoWell Platform’s video function. It enables services to continue to offer care to clients who are unable to attend face to face appointments.

InnoWell is an interactive, health dashboard for individuals bringing a person’s real time health data and their clinician together in the one place.

As a health professional this means you can work digitally, overcoming barriers of distance, acuity and need to support and coordinate care for the InnoWell clients in your service.

Mental Health Telehealth digital platform

You and your InnoWell clients can meet face to face through the video function. Through the dashboard you can discuss health care needs, complete relevant psychometric assessments, monitor progress and evaluate treatment outcomes, allowing you to truly personalise and tailor care. Here’s how it works.


How to start a video call

  • Schedule your online appointment with your client
  • Select the individual from your client list to open up their dashboard
  • They will need to be ‘online’
  • Click Set Up Video Call from the top of their dashboard
  • The individual also follows the onscreen prompts to Set Up Video Call
  • Click Start Video Call at the scheduled time
  • The individual clicks Accept Call on the pop up window to receive you
  • The video window opens up and you begin
  • When you’re finished make sure the individual has disconnected before you end the call

Find out more:

To see how the InnoWell Platform can enhance care outcomes, reduce compliance costs and improve operational efficiencies for your service click here.


Please download our PDF outlining the features of the video functionality here. For technical specifications around compatible browsers and devices, download the following PDF.