Mental Health Telehealth digital platform

What is InnoWell and how can we benefit your health service?

The InnoWell Platform is an online clinical tool that uses real time data to help you better coordinate and streamline care.

We offer a customisable technology that assists in the assessment, monitoring and management of mental health.

By using rich data you can improve your quality and efficiency while empowering your clients to take charge of their mental health and wellbeing. Our features and tools are co-designed by people with lived experience, clinical expertise and industry leadership.

We help service providers, improve cost efficiencies and create better care for your clients.

How we can help:

At lnnoWell, we combine research, commercial insights, digital innovation, and the perspectives of people with lived experience, to improve access in the field of mental health within Australian healthcare services.

All underpinned by over 10 years of research by The University of Sydney’s Brain & Mind Centre.

1. Use evidence to see the whole picture
Use real time data to see how your organisation is tracking and benchmark your performance against your strategic goals.

2. Carefully configured to your needs
The InnoWell Platform is configured to your environment, ensuring you have access to the input and insights you need to succeed.

3. Improve your service model
Optimise outcomes and improve care by allocating resources where they’re needed most. Offer clinically validated care options that match the needs of your client.

4. Access implementation support
Work with our expert clinicians, researchers and technologists to implement change management and give your team ongoing access to dedicated education and training material.

Care outcomes

  • 53% of platform users access self-treatment plans to supplement clinical care.
  • 20% of users received rapid support made possible by the reporting functionality which notified clinical staff when escalations are needed.
  • The Platform offers continuous and coordinated care that meets the needs of individuals across the recovery journey.
  • Outcome assessments support comprehensive, person centered care

Reduced compliance costs

  • Standardised outcome monitoring that enables quality assessment of treatment options.
  • Acts as a centralised electronic repository for consistently recording activity and patient data.
  • Safe and secure infrastructure that complies with the highest privacy and security standards.

Operational efficiency

  • Reduce assessment times with digital initial self-assessment (up to 40 minutes).
  • Evidence based, recovery oriented and cost effective treatment options tailored to each client.
  • Activity and outcome monitoring enhances quality improvement and efficiency.

Plans and pricing

We understand that a cost effective solution is important, which is why we offer a tiered pricing structure to cater for different organisational needs and size. Contact us below to find out how we can design a solution that meets the needs of your organisation.

What others are saying

At headspace Edinburgh North we have found the InnoWell platform to be a crucial first step in assessing young people’s needs up front at the point of entry into our service to ensure they get the most appropriate level of care at the right time. – Steven Wright, Youth Mental Health Services Manager headspace Edinburgh North

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