CEO Statement: COVID-19 pandemic and InnoWell

We know that maintaining a quality service for clients is top of mind for healthcare organisations right now as they adapt their working arrangements to slow the spread of COVID-19.

At InnoWell we are committed to supporting our customers and your services during this time of uncertainty. Our customer success, support and education teams are standing by to help you with any needs.

InnoWell takes a strong  approach to business continuity, including potential effects of an outbreak such as COVID-19.  While we currently  foresee no impact to InnoWell’s services, we want to provide some detail regarding our preparedness should the situation change.

InnoWell has a comprehensive business continuity plan which covers a multitude of scenarios including pandemic response.

Specific to COVID-19, we are providing an outline of  key preparedness activities to ensure continued service delivery during such events. The three areas of focus may challenge normal operations are as follows:

  • Impact to people: Are we prepared for an impact on the individuals responsible for delivering service to our customers and their clients?
  • Impact to systems: Does the event have a potential impact on our systems used to deliver and support the InnoWell Platform?
  • Impact to location: Are the locations from which we deliver and support service affected and what is our response?

Impact to people:

All our staff routinely work from home from time to time, as needs arise. We have very strong internal communication systems, and we can sustain our full operational posture in the event that our office is required to close.

Employees responsible for managing the InnoWell Platform all have access to needed resources to take action from home or the office.

Impact to systems:

First and foremost there are no foreseen impacts to the InnoWell Platform:

  • Service scale and operations: One of the benefits of a cloud service is the ability to scale the Platform dynamically and redistribute the load if required.
  • Platform support: We have the ability to manage the Platform remotely and continue to support you the same way we always have.
  • External systems: All our critical business systems other than the InnoWell Platform are web-based, and we don’t expect any of them to be disrupted.
  • Cyber-security: Our continuous monitoring of the InnoWell Platform for unauthorised access attempts will be maintained throughout the Pandemic period.

Impact to location:

The InnoWell Platform is designed for remote administration; however we want to provide specific details:

InnoWell employs a ‘security-first’ approach to administering the InnoWell Platform.  Each engineering resource has the ability to securely administer the service without direct access to our Sydney office.

A “deep” on-call rotation allows for sustained support should issues arise and ensures that resources are available should individuals fall ill.

How can the Platform support your service continuation?

We are confident that the InnoWell Platform can support your service during these times, as it can form an integral part of your plan for continuity of care.

Here is how:

The dashboard as a clinical tool:
Through the client’s personal dashboard you can connect online to discuss their health care needs, complete relevant psychometric assessments, monitor progress and evaluate treatment outcomes. Individuals can interact with their dashboard from the safety and comfort of their own home. They can update their health card data at any time, request support or select care options that help them to action their health goals or respond to emerging concerns.

Managing risk and overcoming barriers to care:
As a health service this means you can manage the risks of COVID 19 and overcome barriers of distance, acuity and need as you can continue to support and coordinate care for your clients.

Our team is here to support you during this time. We will be in contact over the next few days to ensure we address any concerns or questions you may have about the Platform or our business.

Many thanks,

Will Fellowes
InnoWell – Chief Executive Officer