About Project Synergy

What is Project Synergy?

We asked a group of people involved in the co-development of the InnoWell platform, including members of our lived experience advisory groups, how it might have helped them, or someone they support, in their own mental health journeys.

This is what they told us.

What is the InnoWell Platform?

The InnoWell Platform (formerly known as the Synergy Online System) is not a mental health service. It is a technology that works within a service to support improved engagement with the individuals accessing their service beyond traditional clinical methods and outside of business hours. It acts as a digital portal to resources, information, support and wellness notifications, providing individuals with the right type of care, at the right time.

Furthermore, it makes the service and the individual equal partners in developing and delivering care. Through the Platform, both the service and the individual feed data into the individual’s profile prompting the display of recommended treatments, resources and activities which the service and individual jointly agree to work on.

For example, an individual enters information into the Platform about their sleeping habits which prompts a conversation with their clinician to include sleep management as part of the overall treatment plan.

With the Platform, the individual can access useful resources, including apps, that can help with healthy sleep behaviour. With this information regularly updated, the individual and their clinician can track changes to sleep behaviour and discover how changes to sleep relate to changes to other aspects of their health, such as mood.

How is this different?

Unlike other mental health initiatives, Project Synergy brings together research, clinical expertise, lived experience and technological development to create a system that is tailored to the service, backed up by contemporary research and informed by real people.

This means that the services and individuals who use the Platform will be using a product that has been rigorously tested, designed to meet and adapt to individual needs, and is supported by health care professionals, services, academics and people with a lived experience of mental ill health.

Not Competitive
InnoWell can be accessed by an individual at any time or in any place, providing them with the services and solutions when and where they need them.

It also complements and enhances services as part of the technology-enabled solution.

Stage Stepped-care
The individual is given the right care at the right time.

Services are able to configure care so it is tailored to the needs of the individual.

Expertise at scale
Ensures the right care is delivered to the individual, their supportive others and their community.

Enables services to tailored support to large population groups.

Partners in care
All care decisions will be made collaboratively between the individual and the service / clinician, considering both the needs and preferences of the individual.